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Share Drafts (Checking)

  1. General Information

    • Share Draft accounts are offered to members of the credit union who are in good standing. (i.e. all loans current, no prior delinquency or overdraft problems)
    • Minors (members under the age of 18) can open a checking account if an adult is joint owner of the account.
    • Statements are generated monthly for Share Draft accounts
    • Debit Cards are available to access funds in a Share Draft Account. Members must meet approval criteria to qualify for debit card access.
  2. Overdrafts

    • Overdrafts on your account can be handled by a transfer of funds from your regular share account or a cash deposit. Funds are automatically transferred from your regular share account to cover overdrafts unless you specify otherwise.
    • Negative balances cannot be covered with a personal check.
    • Any overdraft not resolved with a deposit will result in the item being returned and the appropriate NSF fee being charged.
    • NSF transactions in excess of $2,000.00 per day will be charged a higher fee to cover the cost of federal reporting requirements
    • The credit union reserves the right to close any share draft account that has excessive overdrafts.
  3. Stop Payments

    • A stop payment order for a check can be placed by calling the credit union office and providing us with the draft number, date issued, and exact dollar amount of the check. If all of the information cannot be provided, the stop payment cannot be guaranteed
    • Stop payment orders for ACH or Electronic transactions require a signed affidavit, so these requests must be made in person. Information needed is the same as a check request.
    • Stop payment orders are good for 6 months.


  4. Funds Availability

    • It is the general policy of the credit union to allow members to withdraw funds or write checks against funds deposited on the first business day after the deposit is made. In some instances we may delay the availability of your funds, but you will be notified of this delay at the time of the deposit